Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing

The Sheffield city region is recognised worldwide for its expertise in high precision engineered materials and manufactured products.  These materials and products play a vital part in the supply chains of demanding global industries such as Aerospace, Defence, Power Generation, Automotive and Medical. Renowned for engineering excellence for over 200 years, Sheffield’s heritage in pioneering steel making has resulted in a culture of innovation, fundamental to the development of its modern manufacturing economy, which today employs over 96,800 people within a 1 hour drive of the city.  This industry represents 13.2% of the total workforce (above the national average of 10.8%), of which 25% are employed in metals related industries (twice the national average of 12.6%).

The region is host to many world-leading manufacturing and engineering companies including: AESSeal, ATI Allvac, Boeing, Davy Markham, Doncasters Group, Firth Rixson, Gripple, JRI Orthopaedics, Outokumpu Stainless, Rolls Royce, Sheffield Forgemasters, Siemens, Swann-Morton, Tata Steel who are supported by an unrivalled cluster of world leading research and development facilities, including:


The Sheffield city region also benefits from some of the best locations in the UK for developing your advanced engineering businesses, including:


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