Business, Professional and Financial Services

Access to a diverse talent pool, excellent connectivity and lower operational costs has seen Sheffield become a truly viable location in the UK for business, professional and financial services companies.

The city has over 117,000 people employed in its financial and professional services sector with particular strengths in Accountancy & Legal, Banking and Insurance sectors. Sheffield is also home to a range of IT functions for the Financial Services sector and home to HSBC’s European IT Centre which employs over 4,500 people.

Sheffield has a long standing Legal sector with over 8,500 people employed across international firms such as DLA Piper, Nabarro and Irwin Mitchell who sit alongside niche firms and a wealth of patent attorneys. 

The ability to recruit from the city’s two leading universities ensures that companies based in Sheffield can attract the next generation of professional talent.

Sheffield has also become a location of choice for Back Office and Contact Centre functions for companies such as Aviva, Sky, XLN Telecom and Capita. The access to highly skilled workforce has ensured these companies have been able to grow and deliver high quality, cost effective services by being based in the city.

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