Access to Specialist Support

Sales & Marketing

We can help you increase your sales in a number of ways. Whether you want to penetrate new markets, improve your sales processes and customer relations, open up new routes to market, or improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts we can help. The service is tailored to your specific needs and can include:

  • 1-2-1 support from an experienced sales specialist.
  • Ideas generation to increase sales enquiries.
  • Telesales Master class sessions and workshops.
  • 1-2-1 support from an experiences marketing specialist to provide advice and guidance on a number of topics which can include:
    o Marketing strategy
    o Branding
    o PR and Marketing materials

Digital Direction

Are you expanding with clear growth plans and an idea of how the internet and new technologies could help you?  Could you do with some strategic, independent advice to know exactly what is available and where best to invest your time and money? The third phase of this popular package of support has just been launched, which can help you with a free assessment of your IT needs by a specialist, and then up to 4 days of bespoke IT consultancy.

To qualify, you need to

  • have been trading for over a year
  • have a turnover above the VAT threshold
  • be paying Sheffield rates or be located on the Advanced Manufacturing Park

For more detailed information and to find out about the next events please visit

Procurement and Tendering

Interested in increasing the business you do with the public sector? Or just generally improving your ability to submit successful tenders irrespective of the end user? If so, we can help in a variety of ways through:

  • Procurement ‘bootcamps’ designed to help you identify opportunities and submit competitive proposals.
  • Workshops designed to help you understand the basics of public procurement processes.
  • The provision of experienced procurement mentors who provide practical guidance on achieving success.
  • The provision of information on significant Council contracts , such as the ‘Streets Ahead’ contract with Amey.
  • Access to all Council tender opportunities through YORtender and for sub-£25k contracts via
  • General support through the Sheffield Enterprise Programme to get your business into shape so you are ready to compete when the time comes.


For further information, please contact the First Point for Business Enterprise Gateway on 0800 043 55 22.