Key Opportunities

Sheffield has a number of international relationships all over the world; formal twinning links, sister city links, and friendship links. Where possible, we aim to maximise our international links by developing bilateral trade and investment opportunities.

Our current relationships are with the following cities:

  • Formal Twinning Links - Bochum in Germany, Donetsk in the Ukraine, Anshan in China, Esteli in Nicaragua.
  • Sister City Links - Pittsburgh in the USA, Kitwe in Zambia, Chengdu in China.
  • Friendship Links - Stara Zagora in Bulgaria, Sheffield in Tasmania, Sappora in Japan, Kawasaki in Japan, Kotli in Kashmir.


We have proactive business activities with Bochum, Donetsk, Pittsburgh, Chengdu and Kawasaki. 

If you are looking to do business in any of the above cities and need help, please contact us on 0800 043 5522.