• Hidden Kelham..a Guide to Kelham's Hideaways

    Hidden Kelham..a Guide to Kelham's Hideaways

    11 May 2015

    This fabulous pocket size guidebook helps you to scratch the surface of Kelham Island.    Renowned for Kelham Island Museum, telling the story of Sheffield's rich industrial past, the area has been remixed and renewed, with a landscape that is ripe with possibility and folk that are buzzing with creative energy.  

  • Our Favourite Places...an independent guide to the best of Sheffield

    Our Favourite Places...an independent guide to the best of Sheffield

    11 May 2015

    The third edition of Our Favourite Places is an independent celebration of Sheffield - a snapshot of places loved by the authors, places that do things a little differently.   The book guides you to some of the very best places, places that could easily be passed by but are worthy of your attention.

  • Sheffield Round Walk

    Sheffield Round Walk

    11 May 2015

     A fourteen mile walk through picturesque South West Sheffield.   The walk traverses countryside, woodlands, parks and urban areas.  The majority of the walk follows public footpaths, bridleways and roads but path surfaces can vary between tarmac and rough, uneven woodland paths.  

  • Sheffield Country Walk

    Sheffield Country Walk

    11 May 2015

    You can walk all the way around the edge of Sheffield.   The guide book includes maps showing the 10 sections of the Sheffield Country Walk - just over 54miles (87.3km) in total.

     Describing all the wonders that one could find within range of a summer morning walk in the Sheffiled area, John Thomas in the Sheffield Independent wrote of enjoying: '..the ever fresh variety of nature - little winding rivers, fair but abruptly rising hills, long valleys which peep into each other....'  That was in 1830.  The Sheffield Country Walk invites you to enjoy these 'beauties' today.