New commission free app to boost hospitality sector in Sheffield

New commission free app to boost hospitality sector in Sheffield

08 July 2020

Sheffield is a city that's proud of its food and drink scene, and also one with an increasing presence in digital and tech. Now these two are combining to create iBe – a UK first with a commission free way for independents to deliver to customers, as well as serve them on premises.

Due to launch later this month, the new app will help ensure more of the money stays in the local economy too, as the majority of the current delivery apps available take around 20% - 35% of each and every order for their services. This results in independents being squeezed – if they pass the cost onto the customer they risk being too expensive, and if they don’t then they just make less money.

Meanwhile in our new normal, delivery services have become essential to a lot businesses in order to keep serving customers, so failing to offer a delivery option could even put a business more at risk.

That’s why iBe takes a different approach and offers a more affordable solution that gives back to everyone. Both to businesses, by only charging them a small monthly subscription, and also to customers, who can have confidence that their money is 100% going back to their favourite indies. In simple terms, the costs break down like this for a single £20 order:

iBe - £2 delivery charge (at cost), £18 kept by business.

Deliveroo - £7 commission, £13 kept by business.

But it’s more than delivery cost savings as iBe has also been developed with the current climate in mind, in which venues must now offer at table ordering as part of the national government’s stipulations for re-opening.

This in effect makes hospitality sector businesses multi-channel businesses, something a lot of them aren’t set up to do. iBe therefore gives control back to these businesses who can use the app’s services to get their great food and drink out there to customers, and not worry about how they meet the current regulations.

If this wasn’t enough, on top of it all the customer will get 10% cash back on each order (whether in venue or delivery) that can be used in any business within the iBe network, giving a real incentive to Sheffield residents to support this inventive way of boosting our local economy and getting businesses back on their feet.

iBe will also be enabling voucher and deal promotions to be sold commission free – as opposed to the commission taken by voucher companies – meaning businesses can also experiment with different offers to different audiences, without being tied into contracts from voucher companies.

Keep an eye out, as iBe will be available in app stores from middle to late July.