Why Sheffield Hallam University is embracing its civic duty

Why Sheffield Hallam University is embracing its civic duty

08 July 2020

As the UK continues to face its biggest challenges in a generation, the role of universities in their local communities has never been more important.  With 35,000 students and staff, Sheffield Hallam University is proud of its role at the heart of the region and wants to be a beacon for what a university can do, both for and with its community.

The University strongly believes this is their civic duty and so now, more than ever, they're working hard to understand the priorities of the region’s people, education providers, health-care workers and businesses.

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, staff and students have pulled together to support each other, partners and communities. They’ve been helping people recover from Coronavirus and regain their health and supported local SMEs and businesses, while their healthcare students were even redeployed to help support the NHS frontline.

The University has also continued to step up to meet the region’s skills and workforce needs by being one of the biggest providers of apprenticeships in the UK and supported the educational needs of children and young people to ensure they can reach their potential.

You can find out even more about how Sheffield Hallam University has been supporting the local effort on their Covid-19 Response webpage.

They’ve also teamed up with The Guardian recently to talk about some of the ways they’ve been supporting the community, through  teaching, research, and partnerships – and what it means to be a truly ‘civic’ university. Find out more on the Guardian Labs page here.