Keeping fit and eating healthy

Keeping fit and eating healthy

25 June 2020

While being at home more can certainly have its benefits, it’s also brought new pressures to a space that would otherwise be our sanctuary. The need to incorporate home-schooling and work especially, has meant stress levels and anxiety have been on the rise. To help mitigate these pressures it’s important to look after yourself and do your best to keep both your mind and body in a good place...

Eating well

Did you know that around 9,815 molecules change in your body from just a single session of exercise? All that change means putting the right stuff in to start with. The NHS Eatwell Guide is a great starting point to understand how diet plays a role in your health, because your digestive system is actually really important to your immune system (which is why you might see people eating a lot more sourdough, adding ginger to things, or drinking turmeric shots).

Luckily Sheffield has a great selection of local places where you can buy organic and healthy food products, with lots neighbourhoods blessed with dedicated green grocers and wholefood stores, on hand to provide fresh produce.

Some great examples are the likes of Barra Organics on Sharrow Vale Road, Beanies Wholefoods on Barber Road in Commonside and Zeds in Nether Edge for starters, but you can find them throughout the city. There’s also several fruit and veg stalls in Sheffield’s Moor Market.

The Bare Alternative promotes packaging free shopping and whole foods on Abbeydale Road, and have just re-opened after providing an essential service for many during lockdown.  Zero waste shop Unwrapped in Crookes is also back up and running more as normal.

Regather work with local growers and producers (as well as putting on incredible events when they are able to) to deliver great fresh goodies to your door. Though they've been overwhelmed with demand the last couple months, after recruiting more staff and doubling their packing room, they are able to open up to new customers again.

Regather are also one of the key partners working closely with Sheffield’s Food Partnership, which is a member of the Sustainable Food Cities partnership and working towards developing a sustainable food system for Sheffield.

The amazing team at the Freeman Biodynamic growing site up at High Riggs have also been working their socks off and are at capacity for new customers for the time being – but as and when their Fusion Café opens up again on Arundel St in town you can support them that way, or just by spreading the good word they do through the Freeman College, part of the Ruskin Mill Trust.


We are privileged to have a fantastic community resource in Sheffield in the form of Move More, who are collectively trying to help Sheffield be the most active city in the UK. You can find loads of useful info on their site about exercising at home, and no doubt when it’s possible all their links to groups and clubs will be available again, in compliance with national government guidance.

And don’t forget our home is The Outdoor City – head over to our blog about how to make the most of it  featuring links to things like the city's Run Routes and suggestions for walks to access the beautiful green space in/around Sheffield, as well as virtual ways to enjoy what’s around us.