Visiting Sheffield City Centre Safely

Visiting Sheffield City Centre Safely

25 June 2020

Things may have been eerily quiet in Sheffield City Centre for the last few months, but that’s about to change as shops, pubs, cafes and restaurants  all reopen and customers return to visit them.

The prospect of visiting the city centre might be a little scary for some people, but that’s why a number of new measures have been introduced to help keep everyone safe.

So if you’re planning on heading into town any time soon, here are the key things to look out for, so you know what to expect…

Social distancing measures
Floor stickers, digital boards and posters are on display to help remind people to stay apart and adhere to guidelines as they move around. Key areas such as the Moor have clearways marked out in yellow to separate areas for walking and queueing. Some roads on busy pedestrian routes (such as Pinstone Street) have also been closed to allow more space for walking.   

Queuing systems in shops
Lots of retailers are adhering to the Government’s guidelines by implementing one-way queuing systems. This means you may have to wait in a queue outside before entering if the shop is quite busy. Once inside, there may also be signage to guide you round the shop and help ensure social distancing, look out for floor arrows pointing you in the right direction.

Keeping it clean
Additional cleaning has been introduced in public areas, so high touch areas such as benches will be cleaned more frequently throughout the day, but you should sanitize and/or wash your hands wherever possible. To help with this, there are now hand sanitizer stations available throughout the city centre, so please use them and try to not touch your face.

Face Masks
While masks are mandatory on public transport, it’s still not compulsory to wear them in shops. However, it is recommended you wear a mask/face covering whenever you’re in an enclosed space with lots of other people. For this reason, it’s probably better to be safe than sorry and wear one when you enter a shop.

We know this has been a big concern for a lot of people, as some toilet facilities in shops may not be available. Fear not though, Sheffield City Council has installed temporary toilets in the Peace Gardens, with attendants on hand at all times to help manage queues. The toilets are also cleaned/sterilised frequently, with hand sanitizer provided in each cubicle and toilets are also available in the Moor Market too.

Timing your visit
If you’re worried about social distancing or want to limit the amount of time spent queuing, it’s best to visit the city centre at quieter times. Typically these tend to be 9am-11am and 3pm-5pm. Traditionally, Saturdays can be really busy too while Sundays tend to be quieter. Just in general, we’d recommend checking retailer opening times of specific places you want to visit, as some of shops will still be operating on limited opening times.

Help is at hand
While they’ll keep their distance, City Centre Ambassadors are on hand to assist and help with any queries or issues- look out for their distinctive red jackets.

Travelling into the city centre
Everyone who can, is encouraged to travel into the city centre by walking or cycling. Only use a car if you really have to and public transport should be a last resort for those who really need it. If you do happen to drive, city centre car parks are open as normal, but you might find your normal route is disrupted due to road closures. For full information on road closures head to:

As Pinstone Street has been pedestrianised, it’s worth bearing in mind that diversions are in place for buses that normally travel through there, so you may want to double check your route. For more information visit: