A message of support from Greg Fell, our Director of Public Health

A message of support from Greg Fell, our Director of Public Health

29 June 2020

Sheffield, alongside the rest of the UK is easing out of lockdown and the Public Health system locally, regionally and nationally has a very important part to play in keeping the virus in check and advising on measures to keep people safe and well.

The further lifting of lockdown restrictions by the Government does not mean a lift to our local safety measures.

Whilst we obviously can’t live in lockdown forever, as we know this has done harm to our city, the lockdown did save lives. Launching the new ‘Make Yourself at Home’ initiative is about helping Sheffield and businesses to make the necessary preparations ensuring staff and visitors are protected from Coronavirus.  

We will continue to keep a careful eye on the reopening of the city’s businesses to make sure this is done to minimise risk of transmission both indoors and outdoors where people are gathered together.

It’s great news for the local economy that further businesses will be able to re-open from 4 July. We are confident they have all the necessary safety measures in place to make sure cafés, restaurants, hotels and hairdressers can welcome the return of customers.

Social distance matters and if we continue to observe that and groups maintain their advised social bubbles, we are confident that the general public will be safe as long as we all remain cautious and continue to adhere to guidelines. This is essential if we are to prevent any outbreaks in the city.

It’s important to remember that the virus is still in the community so we will see cases in Sheffield however, businesses have well-prepared plans on how they need to respond to a coronavirus incident. This includes continued plans for testing, self-isolation where appropriate, and deep cleaning advised for affected premises. As is now standard practice, any positive cases will be followed up by NHS Test and Trace, with any close contacts of cases informed and advised to self-isolate.

The council’s Public Health team continue to work closely with colleagues at Public Health England to manage the safe reopening of the city with appropriate safety measures in place to control any future infections in Sheffield.