Peddler Market

Peddler Night market serves up a tasty mix of award winning street food, craft beer, cocktails, live music & art. They are a community of traders, makers, movers & shakers… chefs, DJs, artists, designers, musicians, bakers & brewers.

It’s all about the best of the best. Passionate people making really good stuff. If you’re yet to be convinced, maybe some popular favourites will win you over… check out Shoot the Bull, Buddha Belly, Baked in Brick, Yakumama and Magic Rock Brewery for inspiration.

Founded in 2014 by Ben Smith, Jordan Roberts & Heather Gilberthorpe, we’ve grown into a community of traders, chefs, DJs, artists, designers, musicians, bakers & brewers... making & sharing proper tasty stuff.

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92 Burton Street


South Yorkshire

S3 8DA

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Opening Times

Friday: 5-11 pm Saturday: 2-11 pm

From: 07/02/2020 To: 08/02/2020

From: 06/03/2020 To: 07/03/2020

From: 03/04/2020 To: 04/04/2020

From: 01/05/2020 To: 02/05/2020

From: 05/06/2020 To: 06/06/2020

From: 03/07/2020 To: 04/07/2020

From: 07/08/2020 To: 08/08/2020

From: 04/09/2020 To: 05/09/2020

From: 02/10/2020 To: 03/10/2020

From: 06/11/2020 To: 07/11/2020

From: 04/12/2020 To: 05/12/2020



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