Sheffield street art is making its mark

Sheffield street art is making its mark

02 September 2019

Take a stroll around Sheffield, and you’ll find street art everywhere. The city’s urban landscape provides the perfect playground for local and international artists to make their mark.

In fact, research from TransPennine Express shows that Sheffield street art is the second most photographed on Instagram in the north of the UK, with 27,507 posts to date.

Since Kid Acne's 'You'll Thank Me One Day Piece' appeared in 1997 to much acclaim, Sheffield's reputation has grown massively and the city is now renowned as one of the most expressive street art destinations in the UK.

From pubs to construction sites, shop shutters to derelict buildings, unique paintings are popping up all the time. World-renowned street artists have all made Sheffield a bit brighter with their work. 

With new murals and artists breaking through here all of the time, which street art is receiving the most attention in Sheffield right now? Here's the rundown of the city's Top 10 pieces to date, according to research from TransPennine Express:

1. Now Then Then Now, Rob Lee
This colourful piece by Rob Lee was commissioned by local magazine, Now Then. Located on Howard Street by the Sheffield Hallam city campus, the mural can be spotted from far away, but has a clever little detail. Lee painted some of St. Paul’s Tower on to the wall, so that the painting would blend in with the building behind.

2. Howard Pub Sheffield Heritage Mural, Jo Peel
New for 2019, this eye-catching mural can be seen as you approach the train station from the city centre, on Howard Street. It replaced artwork of Harry Brearley, the inventor of stainless steel, which had been badly vandalised. This piece by Jo Steel is a nod to Sheffield’s industrial past and the ever-changing skyline.

3. Mausoleum of the Giants Mural, Phlegm
When world-famous street artist Phlegm came back to Sheffield for his second ever exhibition, the city was excited. However, many who travelled to see the exhibition on Headford Street will have missed this accompanying mural, as the wall was originally too wet to paint. The striking piece features a giant holding a building up in the sky.

4. Phlegm's Feature Walls, Phlegm  
This stunningly detailed mural by Phlegm can be found on Snuff Mill Lane. This piece really demonstrates the intelligence of his work, with the original piece of art on the wall by Bubba 2000 incorporated, as well as the building’s security alarms.

5. The Conversation, Jupiter Fab 
On the Kelham Island side of the city, you will find this modern mural, painted by international artist Jupiter Fab when he visited Sheffield in June 2019. It was commissioned by the University of Sheffield and features three women of different ethnicities having a chat, with their phones cast to one side.

6. Kingfisher, Faunagraphic              
This nature inspired piece by Faunagraphic has captured attention for its bright colours and detail. Based in Sheffield, Faunagraphic’s work always focuses on nature and the environment. 

7. Female Warriors, Kid Acne           
Kid Acne’s work will be familiar to many in Sheffield. He is most known for painting female warriors and slogans. One of his latest pieces on Westhill Lane depicts two female warriors in traditional Kid Acne style.

8. Fish Mural, Hine Ink
Sheffield-born artist Tom Hine is based in France, but he has treated his home turf to some colourful artworks over the years. His aquatic themed mural on Arundel Street is most popular with Instagrammers, and it is a departure from his usual style, which usually focuses on dreamy landscapes.

9.The Flock, The Colorati Collection
This adorable collection of birds can be found on the door of a church on Hunters Bar at Ecclesall Road. Loyal street art fans in Sheffield can always spot CoLor’s work, thanks to the distinctively vibrant eyes of the animals he paints.

10. The Snog, Pete McKee 
Pete McKee is another born and bred Sheffield artist, and his work is always very popular. This piece has been located on Broad Lane since 2013, but it is still one of the most Instagrammed pieces in 2019. The charming artwork depicts an elderly couple kissing.

See all of Sheffield’s most Instagrammed street art, and other cities in the North, on the TransPennine Express website.