A series of four reports commissioned by the University of Sheffield and partners. The reports capture a moment in time and showcase Sheffield's unique qualities and capabilities in the art, beer, music and digital industries. You can download each report by clicking on the cover images below. This is Sheffield.


Music is part of a series of four vibrancy reports this document looks at Sheffield’s music scene; one of the city’s strong identifiers. The document aims to get a sense of the scale of scene in Sheffield and covers anyone involved in performing, creating, producing, recording, promoting and teaching music.

Beer is the third in a series of four vibrancy reports looks at the craft beer industry in Sheffield, the wider Region, and the vast and varied types of beer being made here. With 4.7 times more breweries per capita in Sheffield than Greater London this could well be the capital of beer.

Art, the second in a series of four vibrancy reports, looks at the huge wealth of creative talent that makes up Sheffield’s visual arts scene. The document also looks at ways that conditions can be created to support the artists at work in Sheffield and help them thrive in the City of Makers.

Digital is the fourth in a series of four vibrancy reports looks at the creative digital scene in Sheffield. The report focuses on the wealth of creative digital talent in the city, the many achievements of individuals and companies operating in this sector, and the opportunities for further development and growth in Sheffield.