Funding deal for Our Cow Molly dairy farm

18 June 2014

The last dairy farm in Sheffield to bottle its own milk is investing in new facilities after agreeing a funding deal with NatWest.

Our Cow Molly dairy farm is a family-run business producing 'super fresh milk' and dairy ice cream which it distributes to 50 independent businesses in the Sheffield area as well as the University of Sheffield.

The funding provided by NatWest enabled the farm to build a new dairy in order to meet increasing demand.

Ed Andrew is the eldest of two brothers who works on the farm. He said: "We get our milk from our cows to our customers the same morning, by doing this our milk is of unrivalled quality and naturally sweet also probably the freshest delivered milk in the whole country, and is why we call it 'super fresh milk'.

"It makes an incredible difference when steamed for coffee and we have coffee shops on a waiting list for it."

The farming business located in Dungworth was first established in 1947 by Hector Andrew who started out with only ten cows for milk production and delivery to local shops and doorsteps.

Over the years the family business developed, with 80 cows now a part of the farm. In 2007 Our Cow Molly started using its own milk and cream to produce ice cream and the farm has its own ice cream parlour.

The family turned to NatWest's agriculture and renewable energy relationship manager Sophie Fisher to help with funding to build the new dairy.

"I was delighted to support Our Cow Molly on securing finance for their new dairy," said Fisher. "It's a fantastic business and the ice cream is delicious."