We’ve all heard of diversification: but design to coffee?

We’ve all heard of diversification: but design to coffee?

13 April 2016

Photo credit: Ink&Water

It’s UK Coffee Week - to celebrate the British coffee culture and also raise money for the communities which grow our coffee, Ink & Water (design agency come coffee shop) are collecting for charity all week.

An interview with Rachel Hayes, Coffee Shop Manager at Ink & Water, on city centre success and plans to expand onto the second floor.

We started out as a Sheffield-based design agency in 2011 before moving to larger premises at West One two years ago, where we opened up a coffee shop underneath the design agency. We have a team of 5 working upstairs in design and 6 in the coffee shop. The two work really well together, with the design team designing all the displays and loyalty cards, while we provide the coffee for meetings with external clients.

The coffee shop is really successful and we’re really busy all week – in fact we’re hoping to move the café upstairs to have two floors to meet demand. A lot of our success has to do with the city centre location, which is perfect for bringing customers in as we are so close to the University of Sheffield at West One. We also have a lot of regulars that come in most days, mainly employees, lecturers and students of the University of Sheffield, who we’ve got to know well and know what drink they usually have – our best seller is a flat white at £2.

We tend to keep our prices competitive, for example, we charge the same price for eating/drinking in and taking out and have a good loyalty scheme where you only have to buy four drinks before you get one free, something our regulars enjoy! As well as being a coffee shop, we also hold some events, for example, we have an evening group that come in and hold networking events. In fact, when we expand we are hoping to hire out the venue more often, for parties and other network evenings.

We are big supporters of all things local; we source most of our produce locally including milk, ice cream and coffee (which is roasted in Sheffield) and we have good relationships with other independent coffee shops such as Steam Yard and Tamper which really help’s Sheffield’s coffee culture – at the end of the day we’re all trying to provide decent Sheffield coffee.

Are you wanting to support coffee growers? Then why not head over to Ink&Water and try out their locally sourced products: www.inkandwater.coffee, they are open Mon-Fri 8.20-17.00 and Saturday 11:00 - 17:00.

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