Taking the North Shoring message to London

Taking the North Shoring message to London

26 April 2016

Partners from leading Sheffield law firms and Creative Sheffield – the economic development arm of Sheffield City Council, are to join London-based legal firms in the Capital next month. In a Q&A style event, which will be held on Tuesday 24th May in the prestigious Law Society building (The Old Council Chamber), Sheffield will be pitching the benefits of relocating to the North as part of their ‘North Shoring’ initiative.

Edward Highfield, Director of Creative Sheffield, said: “If you are a London based law firm affected by spiralling overheads but with the remit of growing your business and enhancing the client experience, then we would welcome you to join us at the Law Society on the 24th. Sheffield provides a compelling proposition for businesses that want competitive office space and access to a highly skilled and talented workforce. We are coming to London to talk directly to legal sector firms about their requirements and the support we could offer them.”

Sheffield’s North Shoring campaign (the process of relocating aspects of a business to the North) has seen Creative Sheffield target legal services firms in London and the South East, highlighting the benefits of Sheffield as a highly competitive and good value business location. With large legal services firms such as Fragomen Worldwide setting up its second UK office in Sheffield and Wake Smith Solicitors having relocated their 100 staff into the city centre, it’s already a time of change for the legal sector and north shoring could bring further jobs to the city.

The event will have a Q&A session with a panel of leading Sheffield law firms followed by networking. The panel will include Edward Highfield, Director of Creative Sheffield, Martin McKervey, Partner at Nabarro LLP, Paul Firth, Regional Managing Partner at Irwin Mitchell, Matt Peacock Partner at OMC Partners, Giles Searby, Partner at HLW Keeble Hawson and Lee Bartlett, Senior Manager at Fragomen Worldwide.

Panel member Giles Searby Partner at HLW Keeble Hawson and Chair of the Sheffield City Region LEP's Sector Group for Business Professional & Financial Services, said:  “Having worked in both London and Sheffield in leading law firms I have experienced the benefits of both. There is already a strong legal sector here in Sheffield and we are supporting this drive to attract more firms to the city because as we grow we can enhance the experience both for clients and the talented people who live and work here.”

If you would like to attend this event or you want to learn more about Sheffield’s legal services sector and the opportunities here in Sheffield, please contact the Invest Sheffield Team on 0114 223 2353 or mizan.rouf@sheffield.gov.uk.