Why locate your law firm in Sheffield?

Why locate your law firm in Sheffield?

03 August 2016


BT Law Limited is a wholly owned BT Group company. Specialising in motor, public liability and employers' liability claims as well as employment law, focus on fraud and third party capture, the BT Law ltd team has been providing legal services to BT plc for many years and now offers these services to external clients.

We speak to Archana Makol, Director of BT Law ltd, who gives us five reasons why Sheffield is a great city to locate a legal services firm:


1.    City Central

Sheffield is a great place to base a legal services firm as it is so central in the UK. I find that it is easy and relatively quick to get to both Northern and Southern cities from Sheffield, so from a personal and business point of view it’s ideal. On top of that, having direct transport links to London, which only take two hours, makes the city very appealing to our firm.


2.    Sheffield Savings

Law firms can make savings in Sheffield as it has a lot of good quality office space right in the heart of the city, all at a competitive rate. Our office at BT Law is in the city centre, so we have access to plenty of restaurants, shops and bars and it is only 10 minutes’ walk to the train station. We are based on the Moor, which is in the process of a big regeneration programme, and work is underway to build a new retail unit and multi-screen cinema right by our office which will be great when it’s complete.


3.    Sheffield’s Got Talent

We have a fantastic team here in Sheffield. We take on a lot of customer services officers where good analytical and customer service skills are essential, and we find that the people of Sheffield have the right personality to fit these roles. In addition to this, both universities have good law departments so there is a large supply of fresh graduates for us to choose from.


4.    The Outdoor City

I guess a really big reason why I’m here in Sheffield is the lifestyle. I have lived in other cities in the past, and find that Sheffield’s quality of life is right up there. We have inner city green spaces, a wide range of restaurants and bars and some great music venues. For me a big draw has always been such easy access to the stunning Peak District. In my opinion, Sheffield caters to young professionals and is a great city for families - it gets the balance just right.


5.    O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?

Sheffield really does have a lot to offer in terms of culture, with the largest regional theatre complex outside of London, the National Trust on its doorstep and a lot of music venues. I personally enjoy going to the theatre, and find the quality and standard of performances are fantastic (the Crucible, in particular, attracts a lot of interesting actors), whilst also being much better value than cities like London.


To learn more about Sheffield’s legal services sector and the opportunities here in Sheffield, please contact the Invest Sheffield Team  on +44(0)114 223 2382 or invest@sheffield.gov.uk