The Outdoor City inspires Sheffield film-makers

The Outdoor City inspires Sheffield film-makers

24 February 2016

We meet, Morgan Goodsmith and Etienne Soubes-Goldman, two of Sheffield’s rising stars to talk about their video promo business and how living in The Outdoor City inspired their recent wildlife video title ‘ Sheffield; Another Angle’.

Entrepreneurs Morgan and Etienne, sixth form students from Sheffield have a passion for film, business and the great outdoors.

Tell us a bit about your video production company?  We are called Sky High Films – we specialise in creating promotional videos but as you can see from ‘another angle’ we are also interested in documentaries and a whole heap of other genres.

How did you get involved in this line of work? We first started making films aged 12. Our first was a short action film called ‘Blackout’. We made it because we love the process of writing, storyboarding and film-making.

We love your latest film, Another Angle and its portrayal of Sheffield – can you tell us how you came up with the idea?

 In the past we’ve made several films in multiple genres including: action, comedy and sports. So, we wanted to try a new genre and we had both been recently watching David Attenborough’s ‘The Hunt’, so were inspired to make our own nature documentary. We have lived in Sheffield all our lives and have always loved being in the outdoors. However, it wasn’t until recently that we knew about the deer on the moorland around Sheffield. When we saw some beautiful photographs of these animals we couldn’t resist going out and getting some footage of them. We then decided that they would be the main focus of our documentary. The rest of the ideas flowed from there.  It took 4 days of filming and 70 hours of editing – well worth it!

Have you been surprised by the response to it?

We were very hopeful that a lot of people would see our video after we released it, but were not expecting quite the response that we got. The overwhelming amount of positive comments we’ve received have made every hour spent in the rain worth it!


What is your favourite thing about Sheffield?

 Without a doubt the easy access to the great outdoors. The Peak District on your doorstep. We think it’s great that people are getting behind The Outdoor City brand and talking collectively about the city offering and the outdoor offering; it’s what sets us apart from other major cities.

What’s your next big project?

An action-comedy –  ‘Blackout 2’ (nothing like the wildlife documentary but it has its own audience) – stay tuned!

If you are from Sheffield ‘Another Angle’ will make you feel proud of where you live – if you are not from Sheffield, we hope this film makes you want to visit Sheffield - The Outdoor City – watch it here.


If you want to follow your passion but need support and advice setting up your business to make this happen, then contact Business Sheffield, part of Creative Sheffield – the Councils economic development agency.