Sheffield Makers Shop celebrates the city’s creative talent

Sheffield Makers Shop celebrates the city’s creative talent

01 June 2016

The Sheffield Makers Shop will be opening its doors for a special after hours launch event on Thursday 16th June. Between 5pm and 7pm The Sheffield Winter Gardens will be home to demonstrations, refreshments and a chance to meet the makers alongside giveaways and special offers in the store.

Although established in November 2015, the launch party will be a celebration of everything achieved to date. The venture began when an empty unit in Sheffield Winter Gardens was advertised by Sheffield City Council for a short-term Christmas let. Kate Cooper Photography invited 13 other Sheffield based artists and makers to fill the shop with their work. With just 1 weeks’ notice they threw together their whirlwind of a store and were soon joined by 6 more local makers. After a successful pop-up month and much encouragement from customers and the council, they made the decision to take on the unit permanently under the moniker Sheffield Makers Shop.

2016 brought the challenge of turning a short-term pop-up into a long term project without any previous experience or planning; working out budgets, staffing, systems, new stockists and furniture whilst keeping the doors open. With the help of a grant from ReNew Sheffield the borrowed furniture that had enabled December's project could be returned to the houses of the makers friends and families and some new tables made and units installed. A collaborative approach from the makers involved meant that staffing hours could be covered between them. New stockists joined the project and the shop continues to evolve and grow.

The shop acts as a showcase for some of Sheffield's abundant creative talent with everything in store made by a Sheffield resident. Lots of makers work at a number of the different studios in the city including Exchange Place, Persistence Works, Portland Works, Butchers Works and CAD’s, though spare attic rooms and garden studios are still favoured by some. Much of the stock is delivered on foot but all of it is Sheffield created. There is a wide range of items and artistic techniques represented including lino prints, photography, ceramics, children's clothes, toys, home wares, jewellery, accessories, notebooks and bags, demonstrating once again that Sheffield is a hotbed of creative endeavour. The shop’s location means that there is plenty of footfall from visitors to the city, many of whom have praised the concept and work on offer whilst making their purchases.

Come along to help them celebrate, peruse the work on offer and support Sheffield's creative scene.