Born in Sheffield - Bred in Sheffield - Made in Sheffield

Born in Sheffield - Bred in Sheffield - Made in Sheffield

24 June 2016

Gurgl, an innovative marketing and sales platform engineered by Sheffield digital agency, Switchstance, has gained International acclaim by achieving the prestigious ‘Made in Sheffield’ mark. Gurgl joins an elite list of only four software products to be awarded the world renowned mark of quality.

The ‘Made in Sheffield’ mark epitomises Sheffield's reputation for quality products supplied worldwide dating back to the 1900’s, when the initiative formed a partnership between Cutlers Company, the Chamber of Commerce and the City Council.

Gurgl was awarded the honour after meeting the strict criteria and on-site inspection by chairman of the committee, Charles Turner and associate James Wilson, Business Growth Advisor at Creative Sheffield. Truly “Made in Sheffield”, engineered over the last 3 years, Gurgl is now acknowledged as a high quality software product.

Gurgl is the convenient and centralised way to handle all a business's web and marketing in one place. The platform organises and links data giving businesses a complete picture of their marketing activity and then uses these powerful insights to identify leads, measure ROI and maximise customer engagement.

Although Sheffield is traditionally known for its excellence in manufacturing and steel, more recently it has been making its mark in the digital space. Gurgl underpins Sheffield’s credibility in the digital sector and this is becoming more important as businesses shift towards digitalisation to create growth and success. Having instant access to information is essential for driving businesses forward into the new digitalised world and for gaining competitive advantage.

“2015 will serve as an inflection point where companies that successfully harness digital technology to advantageously serve customers will create clear competitive separation from those that do not.” Forrester – Top IT Predications for 2015

The Gurgl team is led by Sheffield-born Matt Cuff, a Sheffield Hallam graduate who established creative digital agency, Switchstance, 6 years ago, operating from Sheffield’s Digital Campus. Switchstance proudly supports local schemes, including the Sheffield City Council RISE programme that introduces graduates to Sheffield-based SMEs. The team behind Gurgl has, to date, included 2 RISE graduates and a further two Sheffield Hallam graduates.

Having achieved the ‘Made in Sheffield’ mark with Gurgl, Matt has now been asked to join the steering committee as a Digital Specialist. He’s delighted to be able to share his many years’ experience in software engineering to help assess the eligibility of future software applications and ensure the high entry bar is maintained when awarding this prestigious mark.

Charles Turner chair of the Made in Sheffield committee said “We are delighted to award the ‘Made in Sheffield’ Mark to the digital marketing product Gurgl. The prestigious mark is well-established in the advanced manufacturing industry, in which Sheffield remains at the forefront internationally. However, there is a real desire to recognise the technology and production processes of the future, including recognition of the digital engineering associated with the top flight of the innovative digital industries, whilst retaining the mark’s high level of quality. Gurgl is one of these highly engineered digital products that has met the criteria."

Gurgl will be showcased at the Made in Sheffield Exhibition, which will feature work by over 100 leading Sheffield companies to show the remarkable diversity of design and production in the city region, at Millennium Galleries from 6th July until 8th January 2017.