Creative Sheffield holds panel session at Offset Conference

Creative Sheffield holds panel session at Offset Conference

17 October 2016

We speak to James Wilson, Business Growth Advisor at Creative Sheffield, on supporting the Offset Conference by holding a panel session: ‘Nurturing a Creative Business’ .

Creative Sheffield is pleased to be supporting the Offset Conference in Sheffield on the Second Stage at 15:45 on Friday.  It is a great coup for the city to be selected as the location for this prestigious event and a testament to the quality of design and creativity that exists in the city.

As part of our involvement we will be hosting a panel session on the Second Stage later this week.  The title of the session is ‘Nurturing a Creative Business’ where we will be discussing Sheffield’s distinctive cultural and creative ecosystem with panellists Jane Shields (Sheffield Creative Guild), Katie Daniels (Field Design) and Claire Lockwood (SHU/SIA).

Sheffield is known for having a high concentration of designers and artists and during this session the panelists will bring their own perspectives on how the city is working to nurture creative businesses.  We will hear from a design agency that has taken the journey from a new start to an established business with a number of employees and serving clients nationally.  We will also hear about the Sheffield Creative Guild and how they are helping to make connections and promote and celebrate the creative scene in the city.  Finally, there will be the university perspective when we hear how academic institutions can help to develop a pipeline of talent and contribute to the vibrancy of the sector.

Each of the panelists will consider some of the city’s distinctive characteristics and the combination of expertise, facilities and networks that create the right environment for growth.

If you are registered at the conference, come along to the second stage at 15:45 on Friday and join in the discussion.

To register for a day pass or for the whole conference go to: