Liberate your inner salesperson

Liberate your inner salesperson

06 April 2018

Jane Gregory is our resident Sales & Marketing Advisor, working with pre-start and start up businesses to grow their sales confidence and skills. With a long and varied career in telephone and face-to-face selling, Jane brings a valuable perspective to people that rely on these techniques to start up and grow their business.

As well as running Business Sheffield’s quarterly ‘Winning New Customers via the Telephone’ and ‘How to sell face-to-face’ workshops, Jane works one-to-one with businesses, coaching them through periods of growth and supporting them with their specific sales needs.

Identity Merchandise MD, Marisa Thompson, explains how working with Jane and Business Sheffield helped her business grow: “I set up in 2013. We grew quickly, and now employ three staff.  There are three types of business in the merchandising sector; those that make stuff, those that use stuff and those that distribute stuff. Identity is the latter, but we are more than a traditional distributor - in fact our success to date is largely because our operation is seen to be an extension of our clients’ marketing team.

“We work with people to understand what they need and we identify the best solution. We don’t just print a logo on a mug - anyone can do that, we offer something totally bespoke and it's all based on the relationships we build with our customers. Before I set up, I knew there was a gap in the market for this type of service. I didn't want to be a digital-only business, where people select a thumbnail image on the screen and click ‘buy’. I wanted to speak to people, ask questions, understand them well, then offer them something that would exceed their expectation - to do this, I  had to learn how to cold call.

“I went on Jane’s ‘How to sell over the telephone’ workshop as it is important for us to be able to talk to clients and drill down to what they really need in the most effective way. It was liberating. I’d been worried about this side of the business - what to say to people, how to act if they put the phone down on me, how to control the conversation so  that they didn’t! Jane totally demystified the whole thing. She gave really good, practical advice that actually works and best of all - she took live sales calls during the workshop to demonstrate exactly how to do it. There is nothing like watching someone dive into a call like that to give you the confidence that you can do it too!

“Aside from  the workshops, Jane and her colleagues at Business Sheffield have also supported me to grow the business through regular consultation. Since setting up, I’ve  moved to a serviced office, employed two Sales Account Managers and I’m recruiting for a third!” 

If your business would benefit from working with Business Sheffield or you would like to book on to the free ‘Winning New Customers via the Telephone' workshop run by Jane Gregory, please contact Business Sheffield Gateway  0114 224 5000


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