So we all know what a hashtag is - job done?

So we all know what a hashtag is - job done?

15 March 2018

There are very few businesses starting up today, that don’t recognise they need some sort of online presence; whether it’s a full blown website and associated social media platforms or a simple landing page. And more businesses than ever are actually starting up as direct evolutions and monetization of social practices online. But what about those businesses that have traditionally relied on different forms of marketing and customer services? What about those people, who are less confident about using social platforms in a business capacity? Just because we use social media in our personal life and we know what a hashtag is, doesn't mean we have experienced all of the pitfalls and indeed the opportunities, that come from using social to achieve business objectives.

I set up R3D2, a social media management company, in 2016. After a long career in marketing and sales and a stint working with Sheffield Chamber of Commerce, I recognised that there were many businesses in Sheffield that needed social media support and that I was in a good position to help them.

I work with all types of businesses providing social media account management, team training and one-to-one coaching. I try to work with businesses local to Sheffield. I’m very proud of this city and I get a lot of satisfaction from helping regional businesses do great things. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors around digital account management and this is encouraged by agencies who would rather keep businesses in the dark. I don’t work like that. I speak the same language as the people I’m supporting, helping them navigate the world of social media so that their business can benefit from it too.

 My aim is to get people to understand social media and how it can help them connect with customers. And if they haven’t got the time or expertise to manage their own accounts, then I can offer that service, but ultimately, I like to work with them to build that knowledge base in-house because this is the best long-term solution.

The free social media workshops I run for Launchpad at Business Sheffield are aimed at people thinking of starting a business and businesses up to two years old who haven't fully explored social channels. We have three hours together so we focus on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as engagement tools, not sales tools. The session works because I've been through the same journey as the people I'm now coaching. I remember 10 years ago being asked to take over the Twitter handle for the Sheffield Wednesday Supporters Society. I didn’t even know what a hashtag was at the time.  I grew that account from 1,500 to 18,000 followers in a year, simply by using it as a tool to engage and be social, rather than using it to promote and broadcast.

Our next workshop is Wednesday 4th April and you can book on to it by contacting Business Sheffield Gateway  0114 224 5000


Business Sheffield delivers the Launchpad Service in partnership with Sheffield City Region Growth Hub.   The Launchpad project is supported financially by the European Union and has attracted £2,358,962 in investment from the European Regional Development Fund as part of Europe’s support for the region’s economic growth.