Passionate about retail?

Passionate about retail?

29 March 2018

Comment from George Elliott, our guest retail expert

 There are some words of advice that you get when starting a business that stay with you forever. There are some experiences you have along the way, that you wish someone would have warned you were coming or maybe even helped you avoid altogether! In my opinion, the more we can connect people who are starting a business with people who have had/or have a business, the greater their chances of success.

 That’s why start-up support programmes like the ones Business Sheffield deliver play such an important role in the local economy. They don’t just want businesses to start-up, they want them to thrive. And they help them to do well by making sure people are well-connected and have access to all the fundamental services and support they are going to need along the way.

 So where do we come in? I work alongside Business Sheffield's Launchpad programme delivering their retail workshops. The workshops are completely free to people in Sheffield and are aimed at any pre-start or business under 2 years old, that is going to be operating in the retail sector, whether online or with a shop front.

 My background is tourism, wholesale, retail and business consultancy. My wife and I ran our own large general grocers in Sheffield for a number of years and I now work  training large retail chains and small independents on customer service, shop design and business strategy. I also advise on town planning strategy for high streets and am involved in and support many large shopping malls across the UK. But above all else - I’m passionate about the customer experience, and it is this that will really come across in our workshops together.

 The workshops are very inclusive and accessible. During the three-hour session we’ll explore three major themes in detail; your vision, your specialism and your customer care. We’ll look at a few real examples that will bring these themes to life and will help you to think in-depth about how robust your point of difference is.  You can expect a very honest dialogue about retail; its challenges and its future.

Our next workshop is Wednesday 2nd May and you can book on to it by contacting Business Sheffield Gateway  0114 224 5000

George Elliott works as a Business Communications and National trainer for The Source Skills Academy


Business Sheffield delivers the Launchpad Service in partnership with Sheffield City Region Growth Hub.   The Launchpad project is supported financially by the European Union and has attracted £2,358,962 in investment from the European Regional Development Fund as part of Europe’s support for the region’s economic growth.