Willdoo could do.....and did!

Willdoo could do.....and did!

21 November 2018

Willdoo is an innovative company, specialising in quality medical consumables, and also facilitating direct procurement within the NHS and general healthcare sector. We have extensive knowledge of the supply chain for medical supplies, and our aim is to provide extremely competitively priced products, but also to link the NHS, and any other healthcare providers, direct to the manufacturer,  cutting out the middleman, thus creating substantial savings for the end user.

We started the business when, after working in the sector for several years I was made redundant. The idea of starting a business was something my wife and I had discussed many times, and here was the nudge we needed to turn our idea into something tangible.

We formed a limited company, chose a name and we were off! It was then we decided to see what help might be available, and that’s when we discovered Business Sheffield’s free service. Initially we attended their three start-up sessions that took us through topics as diverse as business planning, our obligations as far as HMRC were concerned, legal structure, cashflows, market research and more. We then spent time with their sales and marketing advisor who worked with us on our key messaging, the content, structure and navigation of the website.

Since those early days we’ve continued to work with Business Sheffield’s team, going to several of their networking events, getting individual advice from one of their specialist growth advisors, and they even arranged for us to have a no cost meeting with a commercial lawyer. In January 2018 we were delighted to win the Launchpad Entrepreneur of the Year award, which was great, to have our achievements recognised at a Sheffield City Region level.

We’re now coming up to our second anniversary as a business, and things are going from strength to strength. It’s been a demanding two years, and we can’t pretend there hasn’t been the odd sleepless night, but it’s definitely been one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of our lives. Our advice to anyone thinking of starting a business would be, know your market, take as much advice as you can, plan ahead, recognise and play to your strengths and above all enjoy the journey!

For more information about receiving support for your business contact the Business Sheffield team on 0114 224 5000 or email us at businesssheffield@sheffield.gov.uk