Significant increase in growth with Business Sheffield’s help and advice.

Significant increase in growth with Business Sheffield’s help and advice.

09 November 2018

Tower DMS is a software development house specialising in Quality Assurance solutions for engineering and manufacturing businesses. Our solutions enable manufacturers to be compliant to a variety of international QA standards including AS9100, ISO9001 and NQA-1. We specialise in a wide range of Microsoft technologies and all of our solutions are bespoke to customer requirements. Some of our most recent projects include the development of a market leading integrated quality management system for the nuclear industry as well as research into the Servitisation of machine tools.

We have experienced high growth over the last two years due to the demands of the engineering supply chains increasing, the growth of QA compliance requirements and the need for manufacturers to integrate their systems and become smarter about what they do. Technology has seen a great increase in the engineering sector, particularly in this region with the introduction of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and the opportunities this has created for local manufacturers. Tower DMS has been able to capitalise on this demand through its unique understanding of quality requirements as well as its ability to formalise this through its software.

Business Sheffield has been a great support for the development of Tower DMS, helping the business grow to the level it has done. Stuart Britland has been working with us for the last two years and has been a valuable member of our team with the range of expertise that he offers. Stuart has helped Tower DMS diversify into different markets and helped us achieve an increase in turnover consecutively. He has also allowed the directors of the business to think strategically amongst the busyness of everyday. Stuart visits our offices once a month which gives focus for the business on a monthly basis by setting key strategic targets. This has been the most valuable part of Business Sheffield’s support, as it has led to gaining new customers, diversified our markets, increased our turnover and has given the business strategic direction.

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