Sheffield launches new campaign website for the city

Sheffield launches new campaign website for the city

11 December 2019

A new campaign website to drive awareness and change perceptions of Sheffield has launched. A showcase for the city, the What Makes Sheffield website aims to celebrate Sheffield’s amazing stories of inventiveness and shine a spotlight on the innovative research, initiatives and individuals helping to forge a new future for the city.

Sheffield is pioneering developments in areas such as child health technology, digital technology, and advanced manufacturing - whilst continuing to contribute to the world in hugely significant ways through the applied research of the city’s Universities, helping to solve significant challenges faced by society and the natural world. 

The new website provides a valuable platform to highlight these Sheffield-led innovations to external audiences. It also aims to celebrate the collaborative nature of the city and the way that individuals come together to form unique citywide partnerships, that drive change and do great things.

A new video telling the city's story of transformation, through the people who have experienced and/or helped contribute to it, has also been released and features on the homepage of the new website.

Over the last few years, Sheffield has seen resurgence as a destination with urbanism, foreign investment, culture and booming new sectors flourishing in spite of austerity. Progressive developments such as Heart of the City II and Grey to Green have attracted international attention, as increasingly the city is being looked to as an example of sustainable regeneration with climate change resilience in-built as part of the urban environment.

The new website has been created by Marketing Sheffield, the city’s official destination organisation and part of the Council’s City Growth Department. Explaining the vision behind the new website Edward Highfield, Director of City Growth, Sheffield City Council, said: 

“Research tells us the true value of any place is the people who form it and that couldn’t be truer in Sheffield. It’s this that has become the defining theme of our Sheffield brand and the new What Makes Sheffield site, in that ‘Sheffield makes people, and people make Sheffield’.

“By sharing these stories, we hope to showcase to external audiences the city’s transformation and drive further investment here, as well as demonstrate why we are a fantastic place to live, work and visit. But more than that, it's about showing what we contribute to the world and how as a collection of people the city is helping to solve some of the most significant problems we face - locally, regionally, nationally and on a global scale.”

To view the video and visit the new What Makes Sheffield website go to: