Business Conference and Exhibition to Market Strengths of Sheffield

Business Conference and Exhibition to Market Strengths of Sheffield

10 August 2017

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and SIV have launched their upcoming business conference and exhibition, Connect Sheffield. T

he event aims to promote and market Sheffield and the City Region on a national stage, and to showcase the high-quality, innovative services and products the region has to offer.

Already set to host a prestigious line up of high calibre speakers, Connect Sheffield intends to inform business of the latest local and national issues affecting Sheffield City Region. Confirmed headline speakers include Professor Sir Keith Burnett, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sheffield, Dr Adam Marshall, Director General at the British Chambers of Commerce, and Alexis Krachai, Managing Director at Counter Context.

With over 40 leading businesses already set to exhibit, the exhibition will offer an unbeatable platform for networking, knowledge sharing and opportunities to generate new business.

Richard Wright, Executive Director at the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce, commented: “Sheffield is an international city with a strong and vibrant economy. We are commonly criticised for not marketing our strengths both to each other and to the outside world. Many businesses tell us that they are not really aware of what is going on in the city. Some of the things that the international environment are throwing at us could fundamentally affect the way we operate in the future, and the decisions we have to take now!

“Connect Sheffield addresses all these issues. It is an opportunity for businesses to meet like-minded people, promote their products and find out what is going on at one event, under one roof. A world class line up of speakers is designed to inform delegates of issues and strategies nationally and locally. Exhibition opportunities allow businesses to promote their products and services. Business will be able to find out how to trade with local suppliers and customers and also where export markets are and how to access them.

“The Sheffield economy has real momentum at the moment. It is accelerating in the right direction and we need everybody to be part of it and benefit from it. Connect Sheffield is critical to us building a real togetherness and understanding. Good economies work together - Connect Sheffield is about making sure that happens here.”

Jason Petrou-Brown of City Fibre, a sponsor of the event, added: “This event will play an important role in celebrating success and encouraging local businesses to invest, grow and remain competitive in an ever-changing world.”

Connect Sheffield is organised by Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and SIV as part of their ongoing commitment to supporting business, whatever their size and sector. The event, sponsored by Gripple, City Fibre and Sheffield Hallam University, will take place on the 18th October 2017 at Ponds Forge Sheffield.

For more information on speaker, exhibitors or how to book, visit or call Sheffield Chamber of Commerce on 0114 201 8888.