Magna Science Adventure Centre

Magna, the UK's 1st science adventure centre is set in the Templeborough steelworks in Rotherham. 

Opening Times

Monday - Friday: Closed
Saturday - Sunday: 10:00 - 16:00

Additional Information

The original steelworks truly provides a dramatic backdrop for the ultimate interactive experience. The Big Melt is undoubtedly one of Magna's most breathtaking features. Heard and seen from almost every part of the building, the show is set around 'E' furnace one of the original electric arc furnaces, unused since the days of Sheffield's booming steel industry. In a pyrotechnic and audio display powerful enough to shake everything underfoot and overhead, the steel making process is perfectly re-created (except for hundreds of tons of molten steel and of course the melting temperatures!) The show runs for 12 minutes, at regular intervals during the day. Winner of outstanding customer service at the White Rose Awards 2008.

Winner of exceptional customer service at the hospitality Sheffield awards 2008.

Set in this cavernous space are 4 pavilions where you can explore the elements, earth, air, fire and water. Here you can have fun firing a giant water canon, launch rockets, board an airship and spin in a gyroscopic chair. You can't avoid the fun, see lightning bolts, fiery tornadoes, explode rock faces and work real JCBs! T