6 August '23 - Join us for Women's International Football

06 Aug 2023 11:00 - 16:00

Barnsley Women's Football Club is thrilled to announce its momentous event, an international football match to be held at the prestigious Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park.

Families are cordially invited to join this exhilarating day of football, showcasing outstanding athletes from the USA.

The event will not only feature fantastic matches but also help raise the profile of women’s football in support of FIFA's Women's World Cup.

The event will be a celebration of women's football, emphasising the Club's commitment to gender equality and empowering women in sports.

As a pioneering team in women's football, Barnsley Women's Football Club is eager to showcase their prowess in front of an enthusiastic audience. 



Additional Information

The match schedule is as follows:

First Game - 11:45 Barnsley Women's First Team vs. US Capelli Sport Select

Second Game - 14:00 Sheffield United Under 21s vs. US Capelli Sport Select

The Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park, known for its state-of-the-art facilities and iconic history, will provide the perfect backdrop for this landmark event.

Spectators can expect thrilling performances, remarkable teamwork, and outstanding talent as both Barnsley Women's First Team and Sheffield United Under 21s take on their formidable opponents from the US Capelli Sport teams who represent players from around the world.

To make this event even more special, tickets are free of charge, but they must be pre-booked to ensure a smooth and organised experience for all attendees. High demand, is anticipated so early booking is advised to avoid disappointment.

Parking is also free.

"We are incredibly excited to host this international football extravaganza at the Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park,” said Steve Maddock, CEO of Barnsley Women's Football Club. "It's an exceptional opportunity to witness our talented players in action and support the growth of women's football. We encourage families and fans of all ages to join us for this remarkable event."

The Club is dedicated to advancing the cause of women's football on a global scale, and this event will be a powerful statement of that commitment.

Join us on 6th August 2023 for a day filled with football excitement, camaraderie, and sportsmanship. Let's make history together!

To pre-book your free tickets and for further information about the event, please visit the Barnsley Women's Football Club website or contact tickets@barnsleywomensfc.org.

About Barnsley Women's Football Club: Barnsley Women's Football Club is a trailblazing team dedicated to promoting women's football and providing a platform for talented athletes to showcase their skills.

With a rich history of achievements and a commitment to the community, the Club continues to inspire and empower women in sports.