Addictive TV's - Orchestra of Samples

02 Jun 2022 19:00 - 23:00

TalkingGigs presents Addictive TV’s Orchestra of Samples Two quite unique music formats to collaborate in Sheffield!

Addictive TV team up with Talking Gigs to bring their audience some personal insights into the making of Addicitve TV’s Orchestra of Samples. Sheffield University Drama Studio is the perfect venue to showcase the gig’s audio visual treat.

Ever wondered how magicians do a trick? Then you’ll probably wonder how do Addictive TV achieve their acclaimed version of a live concert, featuring their own recorded audio-visual samples of musicians from all over the world playing alongside live, on-stage, performing musicians?

All will be revealed at the Drama Studio when the collaboration with Talking Gigs will aim to help the audience to gain some fascinating insights into their remarkable, unique project, and witness the magic of World Music in action. Joining Addictive TV live on stage will be Sarah Yaseen on vocals (Rafiki Jazz, Ruhaani) and Ford Collier on percussion (Mishra, Drystones).

Providing some great tunes and vibes to warm up and MC the evening, will be Jamaican MC and DJ Souls Liberation.


£14.00 and concessions