Alchemy: Air and Fire by Pauline Rignall & Claire Allam

08 Jun 2024 - 06 Jul 2024

A collaboration. Air & Fire. Two artists. Two mediums. Painting and pottery combine to highlight the elemental forces that influence and, in the case of the pottery, create visual effects.

Light, colour, mood, atmosphere and form link both artists’ work. Cupola Gallery is delighted to host this collaborative exhibition. ‘Alchemy: Air and Fire’ by Pauline Rignall & Claire Allam 

Additional Information

Opening Evening: Friday 7 June 7:30-9:30pm – Hospitality provided. All welcome!

Exhibition Dates: 8 June – 6 July 2024

Opening times: Monday – Saturday 10-6pm

This joint exhibition comes from a 14 year friendship between the painter Pauline Rignall and the ceramicist Claire Allam. While starting from different points - the ethereal and atmospheric in Pauline’s paintings and the fire-won earthiness of Claire’s ceramics, each work compliments the other, forming a harmonious visual feast.