Ancient Egypt

01 Jan 2024 - 31 Dec 2024

From pharaohs and pyramids to mummies and myths, explore the wonders of Ancient Egypt in our gallery at Weston Park Museum.

Learn all about life (and the afterlife) of one of history’s most fascinating civilisations through over 300 objects. See two ornate coffins, containing the mummies of Nesitanebetasheru and Djedma'atiuesank, a limestone ‘listening ear’, which would have been used by its owner to talk to the gods, an ornately-crafted copper and ivory dagger dating from 1950-1550 BC and a book of delicate embroidered and woven textile fragments, and more.

The displays also look at how these objects came to be in the city and the approach to collecting material from other countries and cultures at the time.

As always, there is plenty for our littlest visitors to discover, including a ‘build a pyramid’ interactive, fun dressing up, and a story corner.



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Tuesday–Saturday 10am–5pm | Sunday 11am–4pm