Applying Emotional Skills | Chimp Management Annual Conference

18 May 2022 - 19 May 2022

A 2-day event helping you to get the best out of yourself and other people – with a focus on Reviewing Performance, Relationships, and Managing Deceit from the Mind.

During this 2-day conference, you will learn through workshops and keynote speeches, presented by Professor Steve Peters and the Chimp Management team. The event concludes with a live Q&A between Prof Steve Peters and 6 time Olympic Gold Medalist Sir Chris Hoy Workshops will be aimed at helping corporate clients, individuals, educators and parents.

As a delegate, you will choose from 2 of 3 areas to focus on. Each area will have three workshops with a different theme for each one. All of the workshops will involve Chimp Management mentors presenting knowledge and information, followed by discussion and exercises in small group work. The three areas we will focus on this year are:

Reviewing Performance: Constructive Assessments This series of workshops will consider the neuroscience underpinning how we can link assessments to improved performance. Practical elements will be included.

Workshop 1 – Assessing yourself constructively

Workshop 2 – Assessing teams to improve performance

Workshop 3 – Troubleshooting how we assess and measure performance


This series of workshops will explore the various relationships that we develop in all areas of our life. They will consider how we can optimise and build constructive and lasting relationships.

Workshop 1 – Personal relationships

Workshop 2 – Professional relationships

Workshop 3 – The relationship with self Managing

Deceit from the Mind

This series of workshops will give insights into how the mind can deceive us, resulting in stress and unease. They will offer solutions, preventative methods to counter deceit and troubleshoot some common problems.

Workshop 1 – Self-deceit

Workshop 2 – Deceit by others

Workshop 3 – Avoiding deceit and troubleshooting



Additional Information

The arrival times for each day is between 8:15 and 9:15 for morning refreshments. Wednesday the 18th will finish around 16:30 - 17:15 which will have refreshments and networking, and Thursday the 19th will finish at 16:00 - 16:30 after the live Q&A.