Archive Showcase - Centre for Equity and Inclusion

22 Jun 2023 19:00 - 21:00

The Centre for Equity & Inclusion has created its own antiracist archive. This is to help enable people of colour document experiences of identity, culture and heritage, and racial justice.

The archive is an opportunity for self-reflection and forming new narratives. For finding solidarity in common experiences, and hopefully some optimism in seeing some things change for the better.

In their first public event the Centre will be showcasing and discussing a series of creative pieces that together:

  • Mark 50 years of Chilean struggle and solidarity;
  • Explore the value of Black British Futurism;
  • Express the rage and disillusionment of negotiating institutionally racist structures;
  • Highlight the value of music and dance in honouring the heritage of displaced communities and significance of climate change.