Collection Display: Identity

31 Mar 2022 - 02 Dec 2023

See how ideas around identity have been explored by a range of notable artists, along with a display exploring the work of female British artists during the 20th century at this exhibition in Sheffield's Graves Gallery.

Our identity reflects how we see ourselves as individuals as well as our place within different communities. Identity is a multi-layered idea that can change over time.

Many artists examine aspects of both personal and social identity in their work, exploring themes such as race, gender, politics, class, sexuality, heritage and the body.

Some artists encourage us to think about our attitudes towards other people, raising questions about stereotypes, prejudices and how we relate to others.

The works displayed here explore identity in a range of ways. Some are personal self-portraits that explore an artist’s individual identity, while others investigate ideas of nationhood and belonging, questioning what creates a community.

See work including Jacqueline Morreau's Divided Self / Flood, 1985, Mark Quinn's Kiss, 2001, Tam Joseph's Spirit of the Carnival, 1988, as well photography by Linda Benedict-Jones, Armet Francis and Isaac Julien.



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