Colour, Form & Line

31 Mar 2022 - 02 Dec 2023

Discover how artists have experimented with colour and form, with displays including work by Avinash Chandra, Naum Gabo, Tess Jaray and Bridget Riley.

The works in this gallery can loosely be described as abstract, where focus is on colour, form and line rather than realistic depictions of the world. Abstraction became the dominant artistic practice during the early 20th century and has remained an enduring aesthetic ever since.

In these displays you'll see how artists such as Bridget Riley and François Morrellet were interested in the ways in which vision can be manipulated through colour and form.

Other artists featured here, like Kenneth Martin and Jean Spencer, employed a systematic, logical approach to making work. You'll also find works by John Hoyland and Alan Davie, who included a more emotional and psychological aspect to their art.



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