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Doomlines VIII at Corporation

23 Jul 2023 14:00 - 22:30

Doomlines enters its eighth year with its biggest line-up yet!

It is the only place to be for fans of heavy rock during Tramlines 2023.

Featuring a stunning lineup of international talent alongside the best of the Sheffield and wider UK underground, that covers doom, sludge, stoner, psych, black, death, post metal and post punk.

Psych rock titans, Slift (France) will perform their only Northern UK date of the year. Alongside them witness meteoric British newcomers, Heriot. That’s on top of Slabdragger, Bismarck (Norway), The Infernal Sea, Thank, Longheads, Crepitation, ATVM, Volcanova (Iceland), Ba’al, Low en, Gozer, Bodach, Chapel Floods and Le Menhir



Additional Information

Doors open at 12:30 on the Sunday of Tramlines (23 July), meaning wall to wall bands across two stages until 10:30pm, no clashes, no BS.

With food stalls (plant-based options included) and merch, you won’t need to leave Corporation for anything.

Situated within walking distance of Sheffield’s train and bus stations, Doomlines look forward to welcoming fans from outside the city. If visiting, it’s recommended to book accommodation ASAP.

There is also a Warm Up Show on Friday (21 July) featuring Diploid (Australia), Dead In Latvia, Casing and Void Maw. Damn son.