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Eddie & The Hot Rods

07 Jul 2023 20:00

Eddie and The Hot Rods were founded in 1975 and are perhaps best known for their hit single “Do Anything You Wanna Do”. They broke up in 1985 but reformed in 1996 with singer Barrie Masters being the only constant member until his sudden death in 2019.

Though often categorised as one of the founding fathers of the punk era they were simply interested in playing loud, fast, in your face rock n roll rather than bad mouthing the Queen or fermenting anarchy but their energy certainly endeared them to punks.

Following Barrie’s death the band received amazing support from fans and that, as well as the continued appeal of their music and a never ending desire to get out there and make some noise, convinced the band to continue but with, as always, the utmost respect for Barrie’s memory.

Their music has never dated or gone out of style and they remain to this day one of the most exciting bands on the circuit.

Support from post punk/new wave pioneers the mighty Department S.