Elephant Arch Records presents @ DINA - The Fringe at Tramlines

22 Jul 2022 18:00 - 23:00

After weddings and children and all that adult stuff at Elephant Arch Records HQ they fancied throwing another party. The question is, are you even a Sheffield label if you don't get involved in the good owd Trammy Fringe festivities? They answered "No you are not, so it's time we did".

They went and invited some old and some new friends to kick the biggest weekend of the year off in noisy style at one of the Sheff's best basement spaces, DINA! The night will start and close with old chums in GTFODodge (loud, DIY two piece fuzzy grunge) and Teeff (fuzzy, bluesy, loudness) with a couple of cracking bands who they have been desperate to work with for ages also invited along.

They are very happy to introduce to you the fabulous wonky, sythny, noisepop of Duck and the amazing riotous sounds of All Girls Arson Club.

Best of all it's free entry so if you like music and free stuff then this event is probably for you.

Nice one.