Emergence Collective + The Silver Reserve

05 Aug 2022 19:00 - 22:30

Emergence Collective present a one-off special performance in the Fly Tower.

For the first time ever the collective will perform as a 10-piece ensemble. Emergence Collective build minimalist structures that gradually morph through an evolving musical dialogue. Drawing on folk, jazz, early, and contemporary classical music, they generate a hypnotic kaleidoscope of sound, completely unique to every performance.

  • Juliana Day- recorders/whistles/vocals
  • Tim Knowles- acoustic guitar
  • Rob Bentall- nyckelharpa
  • Zebedee Budworth- hammer dulcimer
  • Helen Papaioannou- baritone saxophone
  • Sarah Henghan- drums
  • Will Shaw- drums
  • Manon McCoy- whistles/flute/vocals
  • Antigoni Anastasiadou- keys
  • Philippe Clegg- bass

Support comes from The Silver Reserve. Matthew Sturgess, who performs as ‘The Silver Reserve’, plays delicate, sparse music on a classical guitar, crafting intricate melodies around thoughtful and evocative lyrics. At times creating dense, layered atmospherics, this is music that doesn’t rush and takes its sweet, sad time to unfurl and sneak under the skin.

“Beautiful, fragmentary songs that slowly dismantle you.” Seamus Fogarty (Domino Records/Fence Collective)

“Blending emotive, affecting lyrics and spacious delicately crafted guitar work, these beguiling songs hold a depth of hidden treasures.” – Marc Walton (Seven Arts)

"Quietly spellbinding." - Andy Brown (Soundlab)

"Incredible talent…everything he played begged to be listened to." - Bill Adamson (Hint of Mayhem)