Festival of Debate 2022

19 Apr 2022 - 30 May 2022

The largest annual politics festival in the UK, taking place every spring across South Yorkshire! Founded in 2015, the Festival of Debate creates opportunities to bring people together to share new ideas and lived experience that can help shape our understanding of the world.

The festival is strictly non partisan – it’s an open platform that encourages active citizenship and democratic engagement that anyone can contribute to.

The programme includes a broad range of discussions, Q&As, artistic responses, keynote speeches, performances and plays that explore politics, economics and society.

The 2022 festival programme will be ‘blended’, with some events hosted in-person and others online. Headliners on this year's programme are Gloria Steinem, David Wengrow, Jeremy Corbyn, Led By Donkeys, Shon Faye, Armando Iannucci and George Monbiot.

To see the full festival programme visit: festivalofdebate.com