Footprints 002

27 Jul 2023 19:00 - 23:55

Footprints Jazz Club is a new monthly night down at Sidney and Matilda, aiming to provide a platform for Sheffield’s musicians across a wide range of genres as well as bringing in acts from across the UK.

This month’s Footprints sees a more electronic-focussed line up.

Yarni, one of Sheffield’s most prolific producers and multi-instrumentalist, brings his new live show to Footprints with an eclectic range of electronic and nu-jazz sounds. We are super excited to have Yarni down to showcase an exploration in sonic creativity.

Alongside this, we have Jackie Moonbather, another one of the Sheffield’s top producers. Jackie delves into the cosmos with a selection of shoe-gazey, summertime-high-flying beats with influence from jazz, soul and hip-hop flavours.

The selectors for this party includes Joi La Frique from Apricot Ballroom alongside his brother-in-arms Nonna Fab and Ash Grimshaw, Footprints resident host. Expect the eclectic in a wide selection of records from a very deep collection from all three of these.