GHS Conference 2022: Walter Sauer (University of Vienna) on Habsburg’s Colonial Empire and Austrian Identity

08 Sep 2022 17:30 - 20:15

Please come along on Thursday 8th September from 1730 for Key Note Lecture 1 of the German History Society Conference 2022.

Walter Sauer (University of Vienna) will be presenting on Habsburg's Colonial Empire and Austrian Identity.

What role did the Habsburg Monarchy play in the framework of European overseas expansion? For a long time this question has been ignored by both Austrian as well as international historians. Only in recent years have researchers – partly from outside traditional academia – started to discuss this issue in a more systematic manner.



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Such debates have been related to and have benefitted from contemporary controversies around the issue of slavery in the Early Modern period, the restitution of ethnographic objects in museums, and the persistent imprint of colonial legacies on society, culture, and mentalities.

As the lecture will explain, different approaches to Austria’s (or Austria-Hungary’s) colonial past overseas were and are embedded in different strategies to position Austria within the international community, and to conceptualise Austrian identity.

Lecture will commence at 18:00 and will be followed by a wine reception.