“Grazing Upon the Countryside” Exhibition

07 Sep 2023 - 14 Sep 2023

From September 7th to 14th Meanwhile Space, a gallery in the heart of Sheffield, will open its doors to visitors with a solo exhibition of 25+ oil paintings by local artist Greta Vilidaite.

Visitors can indulge in a respite from their busy lives, immersing themselves in captivating animal and landscape paintings that exude movement, light, and a sense of wanderlust.

After experiencing severe burnout as a neuroscientist, Greta Vilidaite turned to painting in 2019 to regain her wellbeing and reconnect with nature.

Since becoming a full-time artist she completed an ambitious project creating 100 oil paintings in 100 days, has exhibited her work in numerous exhibitions around the country, and won three awards for her work in the last year.

“Grazing Upon the Countryside” solo exhibition marks the end of a year-long Arts Council funded project, focusing on domestic animals and nature.

Greta's belief centres around the growing detachment of society from nature. She advocates for prioritising the bond between humans and the natural world to safeguard wild spaces and promote better health.

Through her art, Greta delves into the idea of a slower, more straightforward life, partly drawing inspiration from animals, as a way to escape the pressures of modern life and fast-paced work culture.

The exhibition is open and free to the public. Greta will also be delivering an artist talk and an oil painting workshop during the week.

Please check her website for details: gretavilidaite.co.uk