Hagglers Market - Green Edition

24 Mar 2024 12:00 - 18:00

Hagglers Market is a newly launched monthly event, featuring a different theme each month. A highly curated community market that brings together local makers and small businesses in the beautiful setting of Hagglers Corner.

The upcoming "Green Edition" celebrates Spring by focusing on plant life, botanical art, and eco-friendly products. Held in Hagglers' award winning courtyard, attendees can expect to explore a vibrant jungle of plants and discover local artisans.

Stalls are over two floors, indoors in their event space, and covered in the courtyard and on their wooden mezzanine. There are DJ's and dried floral workshops on the day as well as cocktail and menu specials from the bar and kitchen onsite.

Alongside this there are three independent shops in Hagglers offering their wares. The cafe kitchen from the Corner Jammers boys caters to a wide range of diets including veggie, vegan, gluten free and a children's menu.

Their Mexican menu is carefully crafted to use authentic flavours and techniques, inspired by the chef's travels round Mexico.


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Additional Information

Upcoming market themes for 2024: March - Green edition April - Kitchen edition May - Music edition June - Midsummer edition July - Children's edition August - Wellbeing edition Hagglers are taking applications all year from traders that fit the theme of that month.