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High Scores

06 Oct 2023 19:00 - 23:00

Sensoria Festival, in association with Reel Steel, present an evening showcasing the influence of videogame scores with a selection of artists who pay homage to the past while shaping the present of electronic music.

Featuring: Pizza Hotline - Chipzel - HarleyLikesMusic.

Pizza Hotline's 2022 album 'Level Select' quickly gained a cult status online, drawing influence from drum'n'bass music featured in 90s and 2000s videogame soundtracks - N64, PS1, PS2, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast. Featured in SEGA Powered Magazine, his album is a cinematic soundscape that gives new life to a beloved genre, with a heavy loving dose of 1990s/2000s-era videogame music influences - all fresh but with a subtle nostalgia.

Chipzel is a BAFTA nominated, award-winning composer known for her idiosyncratic original work producing the scores to videogames including Super Hexagon, Dicey Dungeons and Spectra. A recognised pioneer of the Chiptune scene, Chipzel's prolific musical career has seen her feature on BBC Sounds and travel the world - including supporting tour dates for Sheffield band 65daysofstatic - bringing her acclaimed sound to audiences across the globe.

HarleyLikesMusic is a Sheffield based Chiptune artist known to wield multiple Game Boys, whose performances have previously featured at Games Britannia, Squaresounds in Japan and Australia, Tramlines and Resistanz Festival.



Additional Information

  • Doors Open - 7.15pm
  • HarleyLikesMusic - 7.50pm-8:30pm
  • Chipzel - 8.40pm-9:30pm
  • Pizza Hotline - 9.40pm-11pm