HOPES/FEARS art installation (Ecclesall Woods)

29 Feb 2024 - 31 Mar 2024

Artist, Christopher Jarratt, will be showcasing a wind-powered sculpture at Ecclesall Woods throughout March, as part of this year's Festival of the Outdoors in Sheffield.

The sculpture, 'HOPES/FEARS', invites us to reflect on the conflicting emotions people have been dealing with personally, socially and in our relationship to the natural world.

Woodlands have long been a place of solace where we can find a sense of harmony and balance. We need to nurture and protect these declining spaces.

In one moment everything seems possible, we have the ability to change, adapt, work together with the environment, communities, governments... and yet, in an instant, it all feels overwhelming, too far, out of reach.

Go for a walk, release your fears and find hope in the woods.


FREE to attend 

Additional Information

Christopher Jarratt is an artist and designer based in Sheffield, England, creating experiential and engaging artwork and sculpture.

His work draws on play, sustainability, colour theory, semaphore and storytelling to create unique experiential artworks and installations. 

His paintings, sculptures and social engagement encourages the exploration of our imagination, how we 'read' objects and images, finding new narratives, imbuing objects with story and folklore, elevating the object to artefact.

Christopher’s work has gained international recognition and has been published and exhibited internationally.

Alongside the sculpture Christopher has released a limited edition of 30, HOPES/FEARS Giclee prints and t-shirts.