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Hundred Year Old Man

06 Jul 2023 19:00 - 22:30

Hundred Year Old Man are a post-metal sextet based in Leeds, UK. Hundred Year Old Man combines sludge riffs with a post-hardcore intensity and beautifully textured atmospheric qualities. The band’s lengthy songs ebb and flow, combining multiple screaming vocals, crushing riffs and ambient and electronic elements including synths and samples, weaving a narrative through their songs. HYOM are known for their energetic, intense and visceral live performances, using dynamic lighting and often coming away from the stage and involving the audience into the live experience.

“Part screamo lost in atmospheric reverie, part post-metal pilgrimage to the ninth circle of the psyche” ~ Metal Hammer

“Hundred Year Old Man raised the bar for UK post-metal this year, crafting a rich soundscape that walks the seemingly impossible line between expansive and claustrophobia-inducing. A band who know where post-metal has come from are keen to show where it should go next.” ~ Astral Noize

“Sludgy Leeds sextet Hundred Year Old Man have been making quite a name for themselves with their visceral, ambitious take on post-metal and their pummeling sensory overload of a live show. It’s heartening to see that a band like HYOM can breathe so much life into the genre.” ~ The Quietus

Support comes in the form of, Chico, CA. based Armed For Apocalypse who released their debut Defeat (Ironclad) in 2009. That’s where they laid out their mission statement, “We are going to tune low, play riffs, and make heavy metal that makes you bang your head. Real amps turned up, real drums hit hard, no bull!”

Armed For Apocalypse recent release Ritual Violence, is exactly that — Ritual Violence! — which has made this band what it is today, a group of brothers who uncompromisingly create the music that moves them. Their new release is both a product and expression of that never-die attitude. It’s the album they wanted to make, with the engineer they wanted to make it (Kurt Ballou, God City) and the label they wanted to partner with (Candlelight). It is Armed refined to its purest form: 0 percent frills, 100 percent heavy riffs!!