19 Oct 2023 - 21 Oct 2023

Close To Home Productions proudly presents Identities: a play about boobs.

Happy boobs. Sad boobs. Naughty boobs. Scared boobs…Poorly boobs. From bra fittings to breast cancer diagnosis, Lucy’s boobs tell her story in 60 minutes - the time it takes to perform a standard lumpectomy.

Co-created with women who have experience of breast cancer and those who treat them, Identities unclasps the hidden adventures our boobs go on; the good, the bad and the silly.

After a successful 5* tour in 2022, Close To Home are thrilled to be touring the UK again with their debut play.

Supported by Culture Warrington, Prevent Breast Cancer and Arts Council England.

“The perfect blend of hilarity and heart-wrenching reality” - Opening Night

“Beautifully blending comedy with heart-wrenching sincerity. This play will have you laughing at one moment and crying the next” - The Warrington Guardian


£12.50 (£10)